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    The robber who tried to break into a house and ended up as a sexual slave for 3 days

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    A Russian robber broke into the salon of 28-year-old hairdresser who was armed with significant martial arts training. The woman held the 32-year-old armed robber captive for two days as her personal sex slave. He was gagged, kept handcuffed to a radiator with pink furry handcuffs , and allegedly fed Viagra before being forced into intercourse with the woman on multiple occasions. After approximately 48 hours of punishment, the man was released from his prison, heading straight to the hospital for treatment for a torn frenulum. He then went to the police to report Olga for "actions of a sexual nature". Shocked police then arrested Olga, who promptly reported Viktor for robbery. “What a *******,” Olga complained. “Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I've bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left.” Olga and Viktor are both now apparently on charges, the woman could be convicted of rape, while the man of robbery.

    The robber who asked his victim on a date

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    Not only did a trio of robbers hold up a couple in their home, but one of the men came back two hours later and asked the female victim out on a date. The robbery occurred in Columbus, Ohio on a Sunday night when a couple was accosted by three robbers in their home. Stephon Bennett, 20, of Columbus, was arrested after he returned to the home and asked one of his victims, Diana Martinez, for a date. The woman recognized the wayward lothario as one of the trio and she asked a relative to call the police.

    Bennett was arrested in front of the house. He was arraigned on one charge of aggravated robbery, is being held in Franklin County jail on $100,000 bail and is waiting to be assigned a public defender.

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